My T. Le

  • My T. Le

My T. Le, Stanford, Electrical Engineering;
Global Health Research Foundation

Dr. Le received her degrees in Electrical Engineering from UC and UC Berkeley. Her PhD thesis was in the area of integrated circuit design and computer architecture. After completing her education Le joined a start-up company, Granite Systems, and continued to work there after the company was acquired by Cisco Systems. Dr. Le’s research and industry efforts have been at the cutting edge of Internet technology and have resulted in major advances and revenue. At Cisco, Le gained very extensive design/development experience in networking components and experience with both start-up environment and large company politics. Le is currently a Lecturer of EE at Stanford and has taught several courses in the EE department. She is the founding director of the Stanford Gap For Good Program, serves on the board of directors of the Global Health Research Foundation, and is involved in multiple NGOs. She is also a consultant to and investor in multiple startup companies.