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    He He

Post-doc, Stanford University

Learning Symmetric Collaborative Dialogue Agents with Dynamic Knowledge Graph Embeddings

We study a symmetric collaborative dialogue setting in which two agents, each with private knowledge, must strategically communicate to achieve a common goal. The open-ended dialogue state in this setting poses new challenges for existing dialogue systems. We collected a dataset of 11K human-human dialogues, which exhibits interesting lexical, semantic, and strategic elements. To model both structured knowledge and unstructured language, we propose a neural model with dynamic knowledge graph embeddings that evolve as the dialogue progresses. Automatic and human evaluations show that our model is both more effective at achieving the goal and more human-like than baseline neural and rule-based models.

He He is a post-doc at Stanford University, working with Percy Liang. Prior to Stanford, she earned her Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Maryland, College Park, advised by Hal Daumé III and Jordan Boyd-Graber. Her interests are at the interface of machine learning and natural language processing. She develops algorithms that acquire information dynamically and do inference incrementally, with an emphasis on problems in natural language processing. She has worked on dependency parsing, simultaneous machine translation, question answering, and more recently dialogue systems.

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